Also known as Algaethar, the dragons are an ancient race, dating all the way back to before mankind came to Elemontia. The dragons have all but diminished—the most ancient sleep under mountain ranges, still healing from wounds delivered to them during the Palkaerolos Wars.

The first generation of Algaethar were enormous, vastly intelligent and immortal, and many were worshipped as gods themselves. Delivering mortal, fatal wounds upon the physical body of such dragons would only cause them to go into a torpor—called by the Algaethar as either the Waking Sleep or the Living Dream—while their bodies slowly drew energy from the rest of the world to repair; such a dragon could sense the coming of a Living Dream, would know when its wounds were severe enough, and often had enough time to make its way into hiding to allow for the repair. It is rumored that the the first generation of dragons still exist in the Living Dream, healing from the ravages of the Palkaerolos Wars, and many doomsayers claim that when those dragons finally wake, their wrath will crack the world anew. Certainly no one has seen any of their kind walk the face of the earth in living memory.

Lesser dragons are still incredibly powerful and dangerous creatures, for their hides are nearly impenetrable, and while they are not generally as large, strong or intelligent as their greater cousins they are still capable of speech and human-level cunning.

Notable Dragons

Amnacartis, Eskareth, Ortheos,Pérnos, Rheokheskus, Scorthos, Shethes, Soeth