Fourth planet orbiting the sun Naelos, a world slightly larger than Earth with a slightly faster rotation. It has an annual orbital period of roughly 436.87 Seolthan days, broken into twelve months of 36 days each which are divided into 18 hours that are approximately 80 of our minutes long. Seolthus has a rotation opposite to that of Earth so that the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

Seolthus has three moons, Aeln, Driant and Taras, the latter of which is small enough to be mistaken for a planet in the Seolthan sky.

There are 8 major continents: Elemontia, Iangdia, Numen, and Durbia in the Western Hemisphere, and Lesser Kokindria, Northern Kokindria, and Greater Kokindria in the Eastern, and one large southern arctic continent, Aventianta.